Insights to Purpose

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Our process was designed to uncover the key qualities of CALS—what motivates and drives its students and faculty, how it touches and impacts external stakeholders and how it reaches prospective students. The goal of the design research was to find and articulate a through-line from what is true about CALS today to what prospective students and faculty want from a college and what the public can be inspired by tomorrow.

Core Values

During our research, we gained deep insight into the essence of CALS. We learned that at the core of CALS lies:

  • A dedication to and practice of interdisciplinary inquiry and collaboration
  • A passion for and commitment to understanding our changing world and making it a better place, from basic to applied research
  • Scientific inquiry and discovery, in numerous life, environmental, agricultural and social science fields

Shared Values

We also learned about the shared values between CALS and prospective students. Specifically, that prospective students have grown up in an interdisciplinary world—they don’t see “majors” or “disciplines,” but rather see issues or challenges they want to solve. They and CALS both share a passion for having an impact on the world. External stakeholders are also highly motivated to see CALS’ impact in the world, especially in New York state. CALS is a key player in contributing to the well-being of the state and will continue to serve its changing needs.

Purpose Statement

These overlapping core values lead us to a purpose statement to position and guide CALS:

“CALS tackles the challenges of our times through purpose-driven science that advances understanding and improves life.”