Engaging the Community

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Understanding CALS

To inform our brand project’s development, we conducted a range of research activities with over 300 stakeholders from across CALS and beyond.

  • In-person interviews with faculty, students, staff and administration
  • Interviews with CALS and Cornell leadership
  • Interviews with prospective students and their parents
  • Interviews with college counselors and higher education experts
  • Interviews with agriculture experts
  • Individual and group interviews with CALS alumni
  • Interviews with stakeholders in Albany

Feedback Sessions

We sought user feedback throughout the project. After an initial design phase, we conducted several rounds of research to solicit feedback from CALS stakeholders.

  • Student, faculty and staff feedback sessions
  • Design Social and Open House feedback
  • Advisory Council presentation and workshop

Brand Survey

In addition to in-person research, we conducted a survey to learn from a large number of students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of CALS.

Survey details:

  • 15-minute qualitative survey
  • 1,264 survey invitations sent to CALS stakeholders
  • Audience segments included students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends of CALS
  • >30% audience participation rate (exceeding goal for survey sample)
  • Key issues, themes and opportunities identified for each audience segment