A Note From Our Dean

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Welcome to Cornell CALS. Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is a premier institution of scientific learning, tackling the complex challenges of our time through purpose-driven science. Our Land-Grant mission aligns us with change. As science continues to evolve and needs continue to develop, CALS remains committed to the research, education and outreach that is designed to tackle these challenges and improve lives. Simply put, the work of CALS is life changing.

Grounded in our longstanding clarity of purpose, we embarked on a journey in 2016 to better understand how the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is perceived today, what it embodies in full and how to better position it for the future. Our goal was to clarify, strengthen and unify the expression of what we do and where we’re going.

CALS leadership, in broad collaboration with the CALS and Cornell communities, took time to examine our self-understanding and get reacquainted with what CALS represents—to ourselves and others. To stop and assess the authenticity with which we represent CALS today so that our audiences, both new and treasured, are motivated to engage with us. We asked ourselves: are we inspiring and advocating for change? Are we effectively promoting our incredible and life-changing research?

This website is the gateway to begin your exploration—or deepen your understanding—of CALS today. Its rich content will guide us toward clear and unified ways to express the complexity, greatness and life-changing work of our college, to support and serve future generations in New York state and across the globe. It offers tools and resources to articulate the CALS voice, language, tone and visual identity—symbols that allow us to collectively express our passions for this unique institution. But the larger goal is to equip and empower all members of our community to represent the college in consistent and engaging ways, no matter what our role or point of connection. We’re all part of the Cornell CALS story, and we can all be storytellers.

How we express CALS will mature and grow over time. This evolution will occur naturally as we work together to identify new ways to represent and promote CALS across our many existing and emerging communications channels. As you become familiar with the direction set forth, I encourage you to remain engaged in the ongoing conversation to elevate CALS. Review the project blog curated by the CALS Office of Marketing and Communications across the project timeline. I thank you for your participation and welcome your feedback.


Kathryn J. Boor, Ph.D.
Ronald P. Lynch Dean
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences